Wednesday, April 22, 2020

"Covid-Covid-Covid" Covid 19 - CORONAVIRUS 2019

What is going on?  A World Pandemic.  Our New Reality. 

A Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic
The outbreak of the virus, which began in Wuhan, China, has sickened more than two million people. At least 165,000 people have died until now.

DEC. 31
Chinese authorities treated dozens of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause and confirmed that health authorities were treating dozens of cases. Days later, researchers in China identified a new virus that had infected dozens of people in Asia. At the time, there was no evidence that the virus was readily spread by humans. Health officials in China said they were monitoring it to prevent the outbreak from developing into something more severe.


Feb 11
Name of disease - “2019 novel coronavirus" (COVID-19)
Name of Virus - severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).  WHO announced “COVID-19” as the name of this new disease on 11 February 2020, following guidelines previously developed with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Name of virus. Viruses are named based on their genetic structure to facilitate the development of diagnostic tests, vaccines and medicines. Virologists and the wider scientific community do this work, so viruses are named by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). 

Diseases are named to enable discussion on disease prevention, spread, transmissibility, severity and treatment. Human disease preparedness and response is WHO’s role, so diseases are officially named by WHO in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

ICTV announced “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)” as the name of the new virus on 11 February 2020.  This name was chosen because the virus is genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for the SARS outbreak of 2003.  While related, the two viruses are different. 

JAN. 20

Other countries, including the United States, confirmed cases. The first confirmed cases outside mainland China occurred in Japan, South Korea and Thailand, according to the World Health Organization’s first situation report. The first confirmed case in the United States came the next day in Washington State, where a man in his 30s developed symptoms after returning from a trip to Wuhan.

JAN. 30

The W.H.O. declared a global health emergency amid thousands of new cases in China, a “public health emergency of international concern” was officially declared by the W.H.O. China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that it would continue to work with the W.H.O. and other countries to protect public health, and the U.S. State Department warned travelers to avoid China.


President Trump declares a national emergency.

Follow facts.

Panic and endangering everyone else due to ignorance.

Follow the social distancing, Wait for treatments and vaccine,  Support each other.  Do testing and contact tracing.

Science will tell the truth and when we don't have answers. Data can keep us on track.  Follow the plan!

Buddhist teachings state that suffering, illness and death are to be expected, understood and acknowledged. The nature of reality is affirmed in a short chant: “I am subject to aging … subject to illness … subject to death.”


Friday, January 24, 2020


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An apocalyptic explosion. Rogue black holes. Infiltration of bloodthirsty zombies. A robot revolt. Alien invasion. Threats of the world's demise.
No, we aren't talking about the end of the world — it's simply the close of 2019 and beginning of new decade.
If you feel that speaking up for science should be a priority for 2020, please, open your wallet and support Skeptoid before year-end. Contributions are tax deductible for US taxpayers.
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Here's to 2020 and giving reality a louder voice!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Misinformation Resistance

If we absorb and believe the misinformation swirling all around us we  become trapped in a web of lies that permeate even our most enlightened societies.  
Misinformation is so deeply and so invisibly present that it remains largely unquestioned.   To liberate ourselves from the constrictions imposed on us by someone else’s story we must resist unquestioning belief contrary to reason founded on the evidence of our senses.

Image result for misinformation"

There are moments in life when it is no longer clear whether we dream our dreams or are dreamt by them — moments when reality presses against us with such intensity, acute and overwhelmingly real, that all we can do is sit on its sharp edge of uncertainty, feet dangling into a dream, hoping for clarity and fortitude. And then, on these dream-drenched feet, we get back up and march into the uncertainty, then soar over it on the wingspan of perspective we call hope.

That is what Patti Smith offers with uncommon elegance of thought and feeling in Year of the Monkey (public library) — a dream-driven, reality-reclaiming masterpiece, laced with poetry and philosophy and surrealism and the hardest realism there is: that of hope.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Violent or Non-Violent Protests - Hong Kong - Do they Work!

China Extradition Protests in Hong Kong

History Will Answer - Do Protests Work?!

Leaderless opposition has developed in the past six months in Hong Kongas as people protest against a government plan that would permit extradition to mainland China.

Those against the bill fear Beijing will use it to target political opponents in the region. Hong Kong's government insists there are safeguards in place so the extradition will not be abused.

The opposition to the bill is widespread from all sections of society as people fear China's justice system will lead loss of its freedom.

Violent clashes have broken out in Hong Kong with police using rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse protesters who tried to storm government buildings.

Critics of China's human rights violations fear being sent to China under the extradition bill.

The streets of Hong Kong are seeing the biggest protests since it was handed back to China in 1997.

#China #Extradition #Hong Kong #PolytechnicUniversity # ViolentProtest #PeoplePower #noextraditiontochina  #FightForHongKong and #HongKongProtest

Monday, September 2, 2019

Lack of Basic Humanity 2019 WTF

Down the rabbit hole of rigid governmental control, loss of human rights, demonisation of minorities, forced consumerism, memetic brainwashing campaigns, etc. WTF!
Why this loss of humanity?

Humanity should be synonymous with empathy and benevolence. The current inhumanity shows an apathetic coldness towards others and such a lot of cruelty.

Poverty, severely disproportionate distribution of wealth and resource scarcity.
We are all in this together but it's a sobering thought for idealists that even if we someday achieve a truly fair and just society, that society will nevertheless be inhabited by the same species that produced the Holocaust. 
“Humans are capable of many things” Noam Chomsky
Without empathy, our humanity is dead but knowing that the human animal’s behavioral capacities can we get to a healthy and educated population, a government free of corruption and responsive to human needs, a sustainable natural environment, and a safe and free social environment.
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Donald Trump’s now-famous Mexican wall proposal is perhaps the most obvious example of America’s conscious detachment from the rest of humanity, but it’s not the worst.

David Niose

Beware America's Shocking Loss of Empathy
The symptoms of a society coming unhinged

It's noteworthy, and undeniable, that two antonyms of empathy—disdain and indifference—have become cornerstones of American politics. When outsiders are routinely reviled, targeted for blame by an impulsive population that isn’t capable of rational thought, bad things can happen. Add doses of anti-intellectualism, nationalism, and militarism

Empathetic and compassionate policy does not require that a society sacrifice its well being for the betterment of strangers, but it does require an intelligent assessment of what is happening internally and around the world, a minimal level of humane values, and rational attempts to apply those values. Nobody would ever claim that America has been a model for empathy—our history of slavery and racism negates that possibility immediately, as do many of our military escapades and foreign policy priorities. But nevertheless, the affirmative disavowal of empathy in America today is in many ways unique.
Consider, for example, the way Trump not only endorsed the use of torture, but did so in a way that doesn’t even portray the decision as regrettable, as a necessary evil. Instead, he boldly insisted

If this doesn't worry you, it should. Bear in mind that even the Democratic frontrunner points to an alleged war criminal

Meanwhile, the one major-party campaign that rejects such a view of the world is labeled "too idealistic".

Empathy, and its close cousin compassion, can be reflected in public policy in 1930's that shows concern for fellow humans. In response to the economic crisis of the 1930s, for example, America embraced the New Deal, with public works projects
Contrast this to the mood in America today, where almost all discourse is uncivil, whether online, on cable television or on the debate stage, and the utter lack of empathy becomes apparent. Nobody cares to calm down, to consider what it’s like to walk in the other person's shoes, to entertain the notion that others may feel the way they do for reasons that are understandable and valid. Instead today's America, from our presidential candidates to our blogosphere and major media, more often thrives on outrage, emotion, and personal attacks.

David Niose's latest book is Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason
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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Australian Politicians Are Crazy!! WTF!!

Australian Politicians in Class!

WHY can the leader of a political party be removed so easily???  The voters elected that person so unless they drop dead then should remain there until voted out!
Instead we have to watch the bloody stabbing in the back of a sitting prime minister.
Malcolm Turnbull was removed from the top job through such a leadership spill.
Labor had even more bloody back stabbing by Julia Gillard knifing Kevin Rudd in 2010, then he knifed her back three years later!
It insults kindergarten kids to equate this type of power hungry blood bath with kids in a class BUT this is a funny video and boy we need to laugh at them!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

'Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities'

Just watched and was very much in agreement with what Jacinta Nampijinpa Price said. 

My own experience:
Having worked as a remote area nurse/midwife in the NT at Borroloola, Kalkarindgi, Lajamanu, Maningrida and Timber Creek; in WA at Meekatharra, Carnarvon, Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing; in Qld at Hope Vale, Weipa, Bamaga, the Torres Strait Islands - Thursday, Horn, Masig/Yorke, Iama/Yam, Poruma/Coconut, Warraber/Sue, Ugar/Stephens, Erub/Darnley, and Mer/Murray Islands; in NSW at Moree, Mungindi, Warialda, Boggabilla and Warialda I have saw the violence against women and children, wife beatings, sexual assault and STD's in children as young as 6

I first worked in an indigenous community in 1977. The fact was any time I reported abuse nobody higher up in health, wefare, police/justice departments wanted to listen or do anything. Many conferences held to 'plan how to fix the issues in indigenous communities' were so political and rarely had indigenous people participating. Also the truth of what was happening wasn't really acknowledged. It was as if the cultural laws were used as an excuse and so much for equality under the law. 

One of the saddest that I recall was a 13 year girl in a remote outstation camp being raped by an uncle recently released from prison who was supposed to keep away from that community. He breached parole and captured 2 girls, one managed to escape and go for help. I went out with police to accompany the girl back. We arrived at 1 am and all in the camp were asleep. No adults seemed distressed or comforted the girl. She was being fostered by an aunt. When she was 9 she witnessed her mother being murdered by her father when he put an axe through her mums head. Her brother committed suicide. This was her reality. We drove back to town with the girl and the perpetrator in the same vehicle. I took her to my flat for the night until welfare would arrive in the afternoon. She became so happy because I made her meal of eggs on toast,  She watched cartoon videos and laughed. She was very glad to be safe in that moment. She seemed resigned to whatever would happen. So many women and kids seemed to think the life they had was the norm and their families seemed to want everything that happened be kept in the community with the tacit complicity of authority. 

As a white nurse I had little power within the health department with managers keeping to the general attitude to leave problems for the community. All I could do was treat individual women and children and try to offer support as I was able, which wasn't much. Preventative actions or reporting didn't progress in all my years 'out bush'. Everything remained hidden. 

One day I'd love to see more indigenous women speak out about the truth of the ongoing violence as I think that's the only hope for the future of women and children in indigenous communities.

'Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities'
National Press Club of Australia
 Thursday, 17 November 2016
Jacinta Price is an elected member of the Alice Springs Council. She is a Warlpiri/Celtic woman who has grown up in Alice Springs.  Councillor Price is passionate about improving the lives of indigenous children, addressing tough issues such as domestic violence and helping build a unified community.  She has also performed various professional roles within the Arts, including Assistant Curator at the Araluen Galleries, Assistant Curator at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and Project Manager at Desart. She has worked as a Cross Cultural Consultant for the past 17 years.  Councillor Price has co-produced and performed as part of the indigenous children’s television program Yamba’s Playtime for seven years.  She is currently the co-founder and director of Yangapi Productions, which produces the popular children’s TV series.  Councillor Price is passionate about music and is a nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter who has performed to audiences around Australia since 1996.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Can Anyone Do or Say - Drain the Trump!

Donald Trump, currently the President of the United States of America, is an egotistical, insensitive, erratic, immature, gaudy, bigoted, misogynistic liar who needs to be terminated.  The slow moving special prosecutors investigation will, hopefully be very thorough and lead to indictments and impeachment proceedings.

Trump has no intelligible political thinking and merely repeats his lies loudly and often.  He just reacts to perceived insults and takes flight to his fantasy world at Mar-a-Lago.
When the unthinkable happened and he was elected President some thought that his over-the-top personality masked a savvy businessman. Not true!  What you see is what you get.
We've all been numbed with tweet after tweet at breakneck speed purporting a new scandal, lie, hoax or fake 'Trumpism'.  Once it hits the mainstream media the constant barrage of speculation and op eds is mind numbing.  It's almost impossible to follow and is a major distraction to real changes going on within US Government laws and funding.
The appointment of inept Trump 'picks' and the unfilled top positions that remain has turned the White House and Government into disarray.  See Political Appointments by Donald_Trump

In the nearly nine months since Trump took office, multiple high-level hires withdrew from the confirmation process, and several senior advisers have resigned, including former chief of staff Reince Priebus and former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

President Trump’s 2018 budget contains the largest dollar cuts to programs for low- and moderate-income people proposed by any President’s budget in the modern era, reflecting a strikingly imbalanced approach to reducing the deficit or offsetting the cost of its proposed tax cuts.  See Trump Cuts 2.5 Trillion

Looking at how he treats those around him, issuing orders and then back-flipping, praising to the max then undermining, putting people in his highest pick favorites category then firing them, it's a wonder anyone subjects themselves to the continued humiliation his tantrums produce.

We all fail to understand how such behavior translates into wide popular support especially with such blanket statement as:-
  • Register all Muslims in America
  • Round up the families of suspected terrorists
  • Ban all Muslims from entering the country
  • Carpet-bomb ISIS-held territories in Iraq 
  • Using nuclear weapons

Whatever pop into his head he says.  So many lies and no consequences except perhaps the destruction of the USA and a nuclear war.  See Trump lies listed New York Times

In the end no matter how many protests - No Balls Statue - are held it may all be too late. . . . . . 'sad '.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Skepticism in Today's World of Fake News!

I consider I am a skeptic but not a cynic.  When people I know support an idea without any evidence or even evidence that it is false I find it extremely difficult to change their mind.  Against all odds they will continue to defend their belief.  They will not accept they may be wrong.

I believe those not willing to question their position will close the door to their ideas being examined.  They may and often do attack when I question their assertions. 

I think the value of skepticism is it reveals flaws in popular trending beliefs by the use evidence and proof which many will still continue to dismiss.  Most ideas are at least debatable but the believer refuses to debate.

The things that I actually talk about with my friends, ideas in which intelligent, educated people see potential value, are not in that class. What I see as "settled science", such as climate change, vaccination, fluoridation etc., still produce counter arguments to the scientific evidence but can still be debated as they are still within the ballpark of scientific plausibility. 

As a thinking person I would search for credible results that contradict any preconceived notion I may have. A skeptic can be surprised by what we find which is exciting as new knowledge always is!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Era of Neo-Tribalism

The old rules don’t apply anymore!

A fractured political culture has divided the left and right more than ever before.  The right and left identify and associate with others who agree with them and automatically oppose positions held by the 'other'.

Distrust of each other leads to the new tribalism that may end up in destroying our society.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

'Living' on Newstart in 2016 at Age 61

My personal experiences with having to be dependent on Federal Government income support payments was having to access the Carer Payment as a carer for my mother following a CVA (Stroke) in 1999.  Prior to taking on this role I'd been employed for 30 years as a Remote Area Nurse, Nurse/Midwife, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Team Leader in many states of Australia and overseas.  All this time I paid my taxes.

The Carer Payment certainly helped but during 17 years as a carer but it was insufficient for all expenses so I had to access my Superannuation and used all these funds for living expenses and equipment to improve my mothers quality of life.

In April 2016 I ceased as my mothers carer as by this time I'd become physically and mentally incapable of continuing to provide adequate care.  I needed to get myself sorted. Luckily my younger sister was able to take on the role of carer.

Having notified Centrelink that I'd ceased to be a carer I entered the dehumanising and convoluted beaurocracy that is the Australian Government Department of Human Services.

They have no real right to apply the words 'human' or 'services' to anything they do or in reality avoid doing for Australian citizens applying for some form of assistance.

I am now attempting to survive on Newstart Allowance with virtually no chance of employment.  At 61 years of age I'm not entitled to the Aged Pension until November 2020.



2016 Fereral Govt Response to Newstart - rate cut.

The design of the newstart Allowance as a short-term solution is badly flawed given the alarmingly high rate of long-term unemployed people in the system.

Long-term Newstart recipients are more likely to be older workers; have a partial disability or mental illness; face communication or language barriers or lack marketable skills; and have low levels of formal education.


Treasurer Scott Morrison says 'the age pension should not be regarded as an entitlement for all, but rather a "welfare payment for those who do not have the ability to save enough to fund their own retirement".

More than twenty years since compulsory superannuation was introduced the system is not yet efficient enough at meeting its objective to "supplement or replace" the age pension, he said.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Australia's Class War Persists

Tough love" is just the right phrase: love for the rich and privileged, tough for everyone else. 
Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.
Just in case you were under any illusion that this government cared about poor people or working families, its top business adviser came out last night slamming the minimum wage, the NDIS, Gonski reforms and the carbon tax.

See: from NOVEMBER 12, 2013 article that holds TRUE today

Make no mistake: the war on the poor persists. The Aussie “fair go” is a lie; dead and buried.
Maurice Newman, head of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, gave a speech NOVEMBER 12, 2013 at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia function from which we gained a very good insight into what kind of advice the government relies on
Among the policies he criticised were: the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Gonski school reforms, wages for being too high (although presumably not his), and industrial relations for being too rigid.
On the same night, Q&A hosted a panel made up entirely of business leaders: David Knox, CEO and managing director of Santos; Carol Schwartz, chairman of Our Community and Founding Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia; John Symond, founder and chair of Aussie Home Loans; Elizabeth Proust, chair of Nestle Australia; and Graham Bradley, non-executive chair of Stockland Corporation, EnergyAustralia Holdings and HSBC Bank Australia.
The first question was about business confidence and Graham Bradley offered the opinion that the new government was doing well by consulting with the business community, which he felt would lift the confidence of business and “ordinary Australians”.
Really? Would ordinary Australians really be happy that the new government is listening to people who say that the poorest people in this nation are actually being paid too much? And that casual and shift workers should have their penalty rates taken away so that business can make more money to pay top management more (whose wages it is out of the question to ever question at all)? Really? Isn’t this what the last conservative government was kicked out for?
I couldn’t reach my remote control in time to block out Aussie Home Loans’ John Symond – a real man of the people – banging on about an “immoral tax” on business hiring.
You want to talk about “immoral taxes”, Mr Symond? How about the tax on superannuation for low and middle income earners the Coalition is about to reimpose while giving a tax break to 16,000 people with more than $2 million in super? Or the tax on tampons? Or the regressive GST? Are the taxes on business in Australia so immoral that they failed to make you a multi-millionaire?
In his stirring speech, Newman “excoriated the Labor government” for – among other things – the “class warfare particularly aimed at business”, reported the Australian Financial Review.
This is where the Labor government has also done the poor a disservice. It’s time to stop denying there is class warfare in this country. There is. The rich are waging war on the poor and they’re winning.
The widely reported Credit Suisse 2013 Global Wealth Report which found that Australia was one of the world’s richest countries – second only to Switzerland in average wealth and the richest in terms of median wealth – also found that Australia was the OECD’s eighth most unequal country.
In the last decade in Australia, the richest 10 per cent enjoyed almost 50 per cent of the growth in incomes. The richest 1 per cent had 22 per cent of the gains, The Age has reported.
Not yet as bad as the US, but we’re on our way.
Only when the battle lines of the class warfare are clearly drawn and the war cries are loud and clear, can we get down to the business of fighting poverty properly.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas - Buy Nothing

The “Buy Nothing” movement may be a great idea but is it possible? As consumers we Australians are large buyers of goods.  

In Australia November 28 was 'Buy Nothing Day' and those participating have different reasons on why they feel this is a good idea.  For some it's making life about more than 'stuff' and owning so much.  They see life as simpler with less being better. 
Some see less demand for manufactured goods helping save the environment. Another group simply can't buy up big as they don't have the money, and if they do it'll be on credit and create debt.
What do you think?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris Attacks

Disproportionate Media Coverage of Paris Attacks is usual given our media.  Is it also us as the audience that don't respond to news about people 'not like us'.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Greyhoud Racing Live Baiting Horror

The Queensland government commission of inquiry into the greyhound industry gave Mr MacSporran wide powers as allegations of animal cruelty are of significant public interest.

Trainer Tom Noble was refused bail in an Ipswich court, where he faced allegations of intimidating a witness as well as several charges of animal cruelty.  Noble banned for life from the greyhound industry.  Twenty-seven other trainers have been suspended pending the conclusion of investigations by the state body.

Representatives from the greyhound racing community recently met with Racing Queensland operations manager Declan Martschinke to discuss potential changes to the industry in the wake of the live baiting scandal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eligibility Requirements Changes Set to Hit Pensioners Hard

Brisbane pensioners are set to be hit with both the loss of their benefits and a massive rates hike, and the loss of their 40 per cent rates discount, Labor's lord mayoral candidate has warned.

Brisbane City Council offers a 20 per cent remission on rates for people on a part-pension, up to $420 a year, with the state government contributing a further 20 per cent, up to $200 a year.

The Abbott government announced the changes in the eligibility requirements in its budget handed down in Canberra last week, which would see about 91,000 lose access to their part-pension.

Labor candidate Rod Harding said he estimated about 4500 Brisbane ratepayers would be among those 91,000.

Mr Harding, who watched part of Tuesday's council meeting from the public gallery at City Hall, said they would be faced with the double blow of losing their benefits and having their council rates discount taken away as a result.

"The cruel reality is that a retired part-pensioner who may only be losing as little as $100 per year in their pension will be hit by (Lord Mayor) Graham Quirk with a rates and charges increase of more than $1000," he said.

"A part-pensioner currently paying $2900 in annual council rates and water charges will suddenly see their bill increase to $3500 – a massive increase of $600 per year.

"At these rates, Graham Quirk will suddenly be pocketing an extra $2.5 million a year in rates and charges from people who certainly wouldn't be classified as rich.

"I don't believe the Brisbane City Council should be making a windfall gain from these retired part-pensioners."

However, according to the council's policy, the most part-pensioners could lose in rates remissions was $620 a year, not "more than $1000" as claimed by Mr Harding.

Facing questioning from the Labor opposition in the council chamber, Cr Quirk said there were no plans to change the council's policy.

"The rules around eligibility for rates discounts on pensions have not changed in this place for decades," he said.

"They have applied the same under Labor administrations as they have under this (administration) and that is the lists provided by the federal government in relation to eligibility form the lists of those people who are eligible for rates discounts.

"That has always been the case."

Cr Quirk said Labor had the opportunity to change the system during its time in administration.

"There is no change of policy in this place and the same policy will continue," he said, before directing his comments to former Labor administration finance chairman Kim Flesser.

"Cr Flesser, you were the finance chairman and you had the chance if you wanted to change the policy," he said.

"You chose not to in the years you were there as finance chairman ... this policy has been in place for decades."

Outside the chamber, Cr Flesser said he never sought to change the policy because there were no changes at a federal level to necessitate such a move.

Mr Harding said, as lord mayor, he would Labor introduce a "grandfathering" of the 40 per cent rates discount to insulate part-pensioners from the sudden increase.

"I believe it's incumbent on council not to grab a windfall from retirees as a result of an eligibility change by the federal government," he said.

A spokesman for Cr Quirk said Mr Harding did not take into account those moving from a part to full pension.

"So any 'million dollar windfall' is pure speculation," he said.

"Council estimations are that 1781 part pensioners will lose their pensions, offset by approximately 974 pensioners moving from part to full pension."

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finding Happiness In Spite OF Other People

Why do we expect people to do what we want? Why are we surprised when we say they act unreasonably?  We can become angry when people 'let us down'.  Are we expecting too much?

I think we are.

Realistically people will be people!  This sounds trite but if we accept it we can find happiness.
If we don't take everything personally or think people are doing something just to annoy us we can 'get over ourselves' and get real!
People in our lives will fail and muck up - take it as a given!

Say to yourself - hey we are all human and will all fuck up so when we see it happen no need to be angry.  Just look at the persons good stuff and accept the rest as a part of them.

This doesn't mean accept anyone and everyone as you need to be real about the fact some people shouldn't be in your life if you want to be happy!  If you can say a person is bad for your happiness then remove them from your life!

Many of us are waiting for happiness to arrive. We believe if we’re not happy now we will be when . . . . .  happens!

Daily annoyances that seems trivial can have large impacts on how we feel.  The other side to happiness - sadness and depression are real.  With happiness comes sadness. Life is a balance!

The human experience is connecting to people with all types of emotions. A hard time lets us find our greatest strength.  You will know happiness when it comes because of having experienced the opposite.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fear Politics

They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin

It seems politicians and the media are hand in glove manipulating the public and running a 'beware the boogeyman', 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' blitz to produce fear and anxiety and throw out reason, tolerance and debate!

The Government says a threat to Australians from Islamic extremists is immediate.

Australians fighting in Iraq and Syria and will return home and kill us in our beds!

Apparently we need massive spending on counter-terrorism and our privacy sacrificed to 'battle' this threat.

Tony Abbott wants to presents as a leader for this fearful world but are we looking at the 'Emperor with no clothes'.  A one sided press would have us believe otherwise.  Flag waving - team Australia!!

If the terrorists aim is to instill fear then our own government and media are allies to their cause as we now live in continual panic mode. 

Fear is a natural emotion. Letting it rule us is a choice. Acting like sheep is a choice.

We can do better!

There be dragons!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Team Australia ?

What is this 'Team Australia' of the government and Tony Abbott?

The newly branded Australian nationalism of 'Team Australia' is being weighed as all are expected to accept the threat of terrorism and invasion of boat people's is a 'clear and present danger' to our lives and country and linked to our national identity.

Those opposed to anything with this label are disloyal too Australia.

So would you want to be on this team? What does it mean?

Does it mean we must agree to deregulate education,  rip Medicare apart and repeal benefits and social security so those reliant on government assistance will be worse off.  Income inequality and the wealth gap will be wider than ever.  At the same time wanting to reduce company tax rates and repeal laws that the powerful and rich in our society want removed.

Doesn't seem like a 'team' I'd want to join!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

War On Illicit Drugs in Australia? Working?

It appears that Australia has failed to control drugs

A report titled “The prohibition of illicit drugs is killing and criminalising our children and we are letting it happen” from Australia21.

The report co-author Bob Douglas, a former President of The Public Health Association of Australia, said the war on drugs was “conceptually unsound. The Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and [the prohibition on drugs] essentially passes the control and the distribution and the promotion of drugs to criminal gangs. It’s not worked anywhere in the world. “The drug market will always be able to outbid law enforcement.” . . . “Our prisons are chockablock with people with drug problems, and we’re making criminals of our kids.”

Report can be downloaded at Australia21.

  • Are we doing the right thing by criminalising its use?
  • Should we evaluate the use of heroin treatment for addicts in a controlled, medically supervised trial?
  • Has the 40 years of experience of a law and order approach to drugs failed?
  • Should Australia be legalising, regulating, controlling and taxing all drugs?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cyclone Ita! You Beyatch!

Our rainforest garden 3 acre block blow apart by cyclone Ita!  WTF!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Australian Medicare - Universal Health Care NOT FOR SALE!

Tony Abbott insists the Liberals are the best friends of Medicare yet as Prime Minister he is talking of co-payment by patients for all appointments with their GP's.

Medicare is a safety net for all who can't afford visiting a doctor.  Now so-called unnecessary visits to the doctor are to be be discouraged. But how to decide who are time wasters in a doctors waiting room.  What are unnecessary visits?

Discouraging doctor visits is not the brightest idea!  Adverts encourage people to go to their doctors with a variety of symptoms and warning signs.  Early detection and treatment saves health costs in the long term.  If parents having to think twice before taking their children to a doctor because of costs they'd have little sympathy for those who claim the co-payment is an incidental expense.

Why not simply increase the existing Medicare levy on taxable income so that the extra cost burden would be shared fairly between rich and poor. 

Or do we want a private health system like the United States.   

If we believe that the basic principles of Medicare are not negotiable then they are not for sale.

Friday, March 7, 2014

An Artists Inspiration!

The Gap The mark of an artist is the ability to take a blank sheet of paper and come up with a creative work.

To tell the difference between artists who have really made the transition to being professionals and those who are still trying to find their feet it is their attitude or inspiration.

Look at any well-established artist and you'll see that they have a system and a set of tools that they have developed - habits of mind and tools which they know from experience can be used to produce art. It's not that you need to give up on inspiration as it can yield amazing and unexpected results but it doesn't arrive on demand.  A technique or art tool can be used more easily when the artist understands what it can do and how.  Between theory and practice our mind must examine what it means to be an artist.

1. Slowly discover, with the sense of freedom life around you - explore through your artists medium

2. As a beginning don't think about finishing - always think about beginning

3. Ignore everyone except your inner voice

4. Work on several paintings simultaneously - paint, paint and paint some more

5. Show yourself on the canvas - have no fear

Put on the 'commercial' hat only after putting down the brush!

Do what pleases and excites you!  Your art will live!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Diets - the Fallacies! The Experts?

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution to get fitter and healthier - which involves weight loss - is already proving difficult.  Knowing the stats that in a year or two it is probable the weight I may shed will be back to where I am today.

BUT WHY!! Is it my failure of willpower? Is it the dietary changes that doom me to failure?

Considering obesity linked disease such as diabetes my future health and quality of life is something I need to resolve NOW!

Conflicting information on how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight and the major increase in rates of obesity / diabetes would make one think conventional wisdom may be wrong.
In my parents day very few people were overweight.   Apparently in the war years what with rations and growing their own food people were leaner and healthier than we are today.

Now with more published on diet and weight loss than ever we are getting fatter and fatter!

Is it that nutrition research has many theories but no proof.  What foods help us live a long and healthy life.

Is the mantra on dietary fat and high cholesterol correct?  Is the evidence there?  So called experts disagree.

What is clear is modern people are eating too much and not exercising enough. So as an individual I will stop believing experts have all the answers and challenge myself to get healthier by moving more, eating less crap and more minimally processed foods and being kind to myself .

Before making umpteen dietary restrictions I'd like some more evidence.  Is that too much to ask?
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