Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Can Anyone Do or Say - Drain the Trump!

Donald Trump, currently the President of the United States of America, is an egotistical, insensitive, erratic, immature, gaudy, bigoted, misogynistic liar who needs to be terminated.  The slow moving special prosecutors investigation will, hopefully be very thorough and lead to indictments and impeachment proceedings.

Trump has no intelligible political thinking and merely repeats his lies loudly and often.  He just reacts to perceived insults and takes flight to his fantasy world at Mar-a-Lago.
When the unthinkable happened and he was elected President some thought that his over-the-top personality masked a savvy businessman. Not true!  What you see is what you get.
We've all been numbed with tweet after tweet at breakneck speed purporting a new scandal, lie, hoax or fake 'Trumpism'.  Once it hits the mainstream media the constant barrage of speculation and op eds is mind numbing.  It's almost impossible to follow and is a major distraction to real changes going on within US Government laws and funding.
The appointment of inept Trump 'picks' and the unfilled top positions that remain has turned the White House and Government into disarray.  See Political Appointments by Donald_Trump

In the nearly nine months since Trump took office, multiple high-level hires withdrew from the confirmation process, and several senior advisers have resigned, including former chief of staff Reince Priebus and former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

President Trump’s 2018 budget contains the largest dollar cuts to programs for low- and moderate-income people proposed by any President’s budget in the modern era, reflecting a strikingly imbalanced approach to reducing the deficit or offsetting the cost of its proposed tax cuts.  See Trump Cuts 2.5 Trillion

Looking at how he treats those around him, issuing orders and then back-flipping, praising to the max then undermining, putting people in his highest pick favorites category then firing them, it's a wonder anyone subjects themselves to the continued humiliation his tantrums produce.

We all fail to understand how such behavior translates into wide popular support especially with such blanket statement as:-
  • Register all Muslims in America
  • Round up the families of suspected terrorists
  • Ban all Muslims from entering the country
  • Carpet-bomb ISIS-held territories in Iraq 
  • Using nuclear weapons

Whatever pop into his head he says.  So many lies and no consequences except perhaps the destruction of the USA and a nuclear war.  See Trump lies listed New York Times

In the end no matter how many protests - No Balls Statue - are held it may all be too late. . . . . . 'sad '.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Skepticism in Today's World of Fake News!

I consider I am a skeptic but not a cynic.  When people I know support an idea without any evidence or even evidence that it is false I find it extremely difficult to change their mind.  Against all odds they will continue to defend their belief.  They will not accept they may be wrong.

I believe those not willing to question their position will close the door to their ideas being examined.  They may and often do attack when I question their assertions. 

I think the value of skepticism is it reveals flaws in popular trending beliefs by the use evidence and proof which many will still continue to dismiss.  Most ideas are at least debatable but the believer refuses to debate.

The things that I actually talk about with my friends, ideas in which intelligent, educated people see potential value, are not in that class. What I see as "settled science", such as climate change, vaccination, fluoridation etc., still produce counter arguments to the scientific evidence but can still be debated as they are still within the ballpark of scientific plausibility. 

As a thinking person I would search for credible results that contradict any preconceived notion I may have. A skeptic can be surprised by what we find which is exciting as new knowledge always is!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Era of Neo-Tribalism

The old rules don’t apply anymore!

A fractured political culture has divided the left and right more than ever before.  The right and left identify and associate with others who agree with them and automatically oppose positions held by the 'other'.

Distrust of each other leads to the new tribalism that may end up in destroying our society.

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