Monday, December 8, 2014

Finding Happiness In Spite OF Other People

Why do we expect people to do what we want? Why are we surprised when we say they act unreasonably?  We can become angry when people 'let us down'.  Are we expecting too much?

I think we are.

Realistically people will be people!  This sounds trite but if we accept it we can find happiness.
If we don't take everything personally or think people are doing something just to annoy us we can 'get over ourselves' and get real!
People in our lives will fail and muck up - take it as a given!

Say to yourself - hey we are all human and will all fuck up so when we see it happen no need to be angry.  Just look at the persons good stuff and accept the rest as a part of them.

This doesn't mean accept anyone and everyone as you need to be real about the fact some people shouldn't be in your life if you want to be happy!  If you can say a person is bad for your happiness then remove them from your life!

Many of us are waiting for happiness to arrive. We believe if we’re not happy now we will be when . . . . .  happens!

Daily annoyances that seems trivial can have large impacts on how we feel.  The other side to happiness - sadness and depression are real.  With happiness comes sadness. Life is a balance!

The human experience is connecting to people with all types of emotions. A hard time lets us find our greatest strength.  You will know happiness when it comes because of having experienced the opposite.
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