Tuesday, September 9, 2014

War On Illicit Drugs in Australia? Working?

It appears that Australia has failed to control drugs

A report titled “The prohibition of illicit drugs is killing and criminalising our children and we are letting it happen” from Australia21.

The report co-author Bob Douglas, a former President of The Public Health Association of Australia, said the war on drugs was “conceptually unsound. The Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and [the prohibition on drugs] essentially passes the control and the distribution and the promotion of drugs to criminal gangs. It’s not worked anywhere in the world. “The drug market will always be able to outbid law enforcement.” . . . “Our prisons are chockablock with people with drug problems, and we’re making criminals of our kids.”

Report can be downloaded at Australia21.

  • Are we doing the right thing by criminalising its use?
  • Should we evaluate the use of heroin treatment for addicts in a controlled, medically supervised trial?
  • Has the 40 years of experience of a law and order approach to drugs failed?
  • Should Australia be legalising, regulating, controlling and taxing all drugs?

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