Friday, April 4, 2014

Australian Medicare - Universal Health Care NOT FOR SALE!

Tony Abbott insists the Liberals are the best friends of Medicare yet as Prime Minister he is talking of co-payment by patients for all appointments with their GP's.

Medicare is a safety net for all who can't afford visiting a doctor.  Now so-called unnecessary visits to the doctor are to be be discouraged. But how to decide who are time wasters in a doctors waiting room.  What are unnecessary visits?

Discouraging doctor visits is not the brightest idea!  Adverts encourage people to go to their doctors with a variety of symptoms and warning signs.  Early detection and treatment saves health costs in the long term.  If parents having to think twice before taking their children to a doctor because of costs they'd have little sympathy for those who claim the co-payment is an incidental expense.

Why not simply increase the existing Medicare levy on taxable income so that the extra cost burden would be shared fairly between rich and poor. 

Or do we want a private health system like the United States.   

If we believe that the basic principles of Medicare are not negotiable then they are not for sale.
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