Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mainstream Media Bias! Julia Gillard - Tony Abbott

Why is Abbott still a total misogynist- why does the media ignore the amazingly strong speech Gillard gave in parliemnt on 9 October 2012 in response to a motion of no confidence in Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House.  Julia Gillard's words were strong and full of passion - watching the full speech on You-Tube shows a different Gillard who shows she cares about this topic. 
On the tape Abbott, appears weak and he looks more and more guilty as her speech goes on!

The media failed in its reporting of this speech and mostly was was well off the point.  

Why was mainstream media analyses of the Prime Minister’s speech was so off the mark? In her speech she condemned text messages from Peter Slipper, and expressed concern for turning Parliament into a kangaroo court BUT then the remainder of her speech is about the underhanded tactics of a total misogynist - Abbott.  The media must come from an alternate universe as their reporting of what occurred was totally biased and focused on Peter Slipper what they saw as a diatribe - would they have reported in the same way if a male politician was so strong in a speech?

At the time Tony Abbott was saying how he was ‘woman friendly’ with his wife saying what a nice man he is (throw up) while at the same time directing totally uncalled for comments at Gillard referencing her dead father and calling shame on Peter Slipper - pot calling the kettle black!

Finally Gillard got sick and tired of the gutter politics and stood up and said that's enough! Good on her!  Yet no one in the media raises the sexism shown against our elected Prime Minister.  Though politics is a dirty business some attacks on Gillard are cowardly.  The bullying is accepted.

Come on media – open your eyes and report what is going on!

March 2011 a motion was moved at the party's Federal Divisional Council "that this Council notes the actions of the Member for Fisher in accepting nomination by the Labor Party for the position of Deputy Speaker and competing for this position in opposition to Mr Bruce Scott MP nominated for this position by the coalition parties and expresses its concern over the ongoing negative publicity directed at the Member for Fisher and the resulting damage to the Liberal National Party and requests the Applicant Review Committee to take note and take action as deemed appropriate".  Matter was deferred without discussion to the party's state director.   

So now the Liberals aren't liking Peter Fisher so much!

September 2011, Slipper raised concerns of alleged branch stacking by Brough.  There was growing pressure over how the LNP would determine preselection of candidates for the seat of Fisher with Slipper threatening to resign from the party if not re-endorsed.

November 2011, Harry Jenkins, a member of the Australian Labor Party, unexpectedly resigned as 26th Speaker of the House of Representatives.

24 November 2011, Slipper was nominated unopposed and installed as Speaker.  Slipper's acceptance of Labor's nomination as Speaker was considered a "renegade" action and opposition leader Tony Abbott threatened to expel him from the Liberal caucus for his action. Slipper resigned from the Liberal National Party on taking the Speaker's seat and continues in parliament as an independent representative.

So now the Liberals aren't liking Peter Fisher even more so and behind the scenes are looking for ways to undermine him! 

20 April 2012, Slipper was accused of misusing Cabcharge vouchers—an allegation acknowledged as being investigated by the Federal Police. Also accused of sexually harassing a member of staff, James Ashby. Ashby, a 33-year-old gay man, alleged that Slipper sexually harassed him on a number of occasions, via mobile phone text messages and in private conversations.

22 April 2012, Slipper stepped aside from the speakership, meaning he would not take the Speaker's Chair, while investigations into the alleged travel-related misconduct were conducted. The Coalition, as well as Rob Oakeshott, Andrew Wilkie and Tony Windsor, called on Slipper to continue to stand aside pending a resolution of the sexual harassment claims.  The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, as well as other senior Opposition figures such as the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Eric Abetz, called for Slipper to resign until Ashby's claims were investigated. The Government said it was a legal matter and that they would not be asking for Slipper's resignation.

27 April 2012, Slipper released copies of Cabcharge documents for at least two of the dates in question (a third group of documents contained illegible dates) along with a written statement saying they were clearly in his handwriting, therefore disproving the allegation he handed over blanks. The Government initially agreed, but various questions about the documents, including whether the payments were inflated and even whether Slipper signed them all, were raised in the media.

29 April 2012, Julia Gillard announced that she had spoken to Slipper and he had agreed to stay away from the House.

8 May 2012, Slipper resumed the chair as Speaker and read out a statement denying the allegations against him. He then formally requested that the Deputy Speaker, Anna Burke, take the chair in his absence.

9 October 2012, a motion of no confidence in Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House was narrowly defeated by one vote. Julia Gillards speech was in response tho this motion. 

9 October 2012 Peter Slipper later entered Parliament and announced his resignation, saying: "I leave this position without rancour, with a great deal of sadness and, more importantly, with a great deal of regret because I believe that, given the controversy which has occurred in recent times, that it is in the interests of the Parliament that I should take the course of action that I have personally chosen to take."  He moved to crossbench as an independent member of the House of Representatives after his resignation.

12 December 2012, Federal Court Justice Steven Rares dismissed the sexual harassment charges against Slipper saying that he had "reached the firm conclusion that Mr Ashby's predominant purpose for bringing these proceedings was to pursue a political attack against Mr Slipper and not to vindicate any legal claim he may have for which the right to bring proceedings exists." 
8 January 2013 the Federal Police summonsed Slipper alleging three offences in relation to allegations concerning the use of Cabcharge vouchers.

January 2013, Slipper was summonsed to appear before court facing charges of dishonesty relating to alleged use of Cabcharge vouchers during 2010.  According to documents released by the court, Slipper is alleged to have used Cabcharge to pay for hire cars to visit a number of wineries in the Canberra region in January, April and June 2010.

February 2013 Slipper's lawyer has described the Cabcharge fraud case against his client as "mystifying" and questioned whether the matter would have been handled differently if it did not involve the former parliamentary Speaker.  “In my experience matters of this amount aren't dealt with through the court system,” he said.   Mr Russo said he did not understand the political process, but said there was no precedent for this type of prosecution.

Ongoing - ??
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