Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Child Abuse Inquiry - George Pell

Archbishop George Pell says he welcomes the Child Abuse Inquiry!  Bullshit! 

He says claims are exaggerated and the Catholic Church had been targeted and is not the main culprit.  He says he doesn't deny 'misdoings' in the Catholic Church but to it being exaggerated.

Cardinal Pell is Australia's most senior Catholic cleric.  

He said he did not believe the public was cynical about the church's moves to combat sexual abuse but thinks the press reports stating that the church is covering up is general smearing.

Of the many victims of childhood sexual abuse in the church, some have taken their own lives though nobody knows how many.  Many times, they were told that it was their own fault and that they deserved it.

It's well and truly overdue that a Royal Commission is held into the truth of this abuse!

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