Monday, August 20, 2012

The Agony of Two Flat Tyres - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Yes I know anyone can get a flat tire but two flat tires at the same time, on the same vehicle, well that's enough to have a whinge about!
 Having first the rear tire blow and taking forever to remove the wheel to take to tire repair shop was bad enough - as the wheel on the disability scooter hadn't been removed since purchasing - never having had a puncture - yes so I know that is lucky - but the luck had run out!!  

So after trying out every spanner socket in the tool kits finally found one to fit then had to try to get the nut off.  Amidst much colourful language finally got the nut off only to find the wheel was stuck tight!  So the ol' WD40 came out and after a lot more cursing finally got the darn wheel off and to repair shop - that was the only good news as cost $18 (very reasonable) and done within 1/2 hour of arrival!  Great service!  

So that afternoon the front tire which must have had a slower leak was flat - %#$%%#^&*#*& - so same again except the nut on front tire had to be a different type and so search for correct spanner again and again wheel nut was so tight - WD40 and muscle power again until finally got it off and to the tire shop - again great service and repair.  

Finally all done and scooter operational again - so whinge over!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Party On Ants!

Why ants annoy me!  We have some large colonies of ants in the garden and they come in many colours and sizes - green, brown, orange, black and shades of all these, ranging from minute and hard to see through to giant with visible biting pincers!

They appear uninvited in our home and refuse to leave. Worse yet they are always inviting all their friends to the party that are often in the kitchen appliances causing electrical shorts. Crushing them would be the ultimate revenge but I am a live and let live type so . . . .  party on ants!

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