Monday, July 23, 2012

Wind! Was Annoying Me! So Wrote A Positive Poem!

Ride the Wind!
Now I listen to whispers on a breeze
Hidden, sweet are the voices that call
To reach into my heart and lighten
All that I may ride the winds

The wind has a voice that calls
In the night in a sad and sweet song
Draws me along in a gust untamed
To travel the skyways and ache

For the time in mythical days
When the wind god Aeolus
Held the powers at bay to release
These wild forces of destruction

Or in gentle ways to calm the air
Softly caress the skin in passing
By and whisper once more the secrets
Of the ages so we may know

Understanding all at last we see
Dispersed the seeds of life and insects
On the air to renew the earth
After all had been destroyed

So tap the wind for power
And lifting cloth sail oceans
Elements earth wind and fire
Renewing  the barren earth

The wild gusts now gales and storms
Cyclones and typhoons as thunder
Brings the rain and life with water
Thirst is quenched dry soil alive

Listen with an open mind so you
Hear the secret whispered in your ear
Of how we may renew the mother
Her sweet breath waits

Carried by a winged bird a branch
Shivers in the dancing wind
Drops to earth and grows
A tree of plenty for all
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