Friday, April 13, 2012

Should the Arts be Valued?

In remote communities economic, social, and cultural benefits of creativity involving local people seems to booste the economy.  Showcasing culture and heritage gives locals a positive experience of community.  Without local, state and national government funding programs and long-term investment that recognise excellence this growth in creativity will become stunted.

After less than two weeks in office, Queensland’s Liberal National Party government, headed by Campbell Newman, has cancelled the state’s Premier’s Literary Awards and put a halt to the Cairns Cultural Precinct.  It may be good to control government spending and return the budget to surplus but this is not the way.

Million in grants can fail the arts as who decides what is worthy of funding.  The costs of public liability insurance, lawyers, and licences to ensure regulatory requirements are met is beyond emerging artists.  So how can they share their art with the public. Usually they need an exhibition or public event and an audience. Usually volunteers provide support and work without compensation.

If the arts sector isn't valued by society then everything becomes about making a fast buck and leaves the imagination and creativity that have been responsible for mankind evolving out in the cold!

What do you think?
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