Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Poem Came True! Now I'm Whinging about the Rain!

Home In The Rain!

The rain on the roof is a tango
With a loud staccato beat
The smell of a ripening mango
In the summer monsoon heat

Through the rolling thunder clouds
Peeks the sunlights orange glow
The lightening blankets the sky
And the call of the curlew is low

Calls of creatures in the night
Like a lullaby sending me rest
Knowing I'm safe in my home
That this place is truly blessed

The rain pounds on the roof
In a humid nights dark gloom
Unobserved in the garden
The rainforest plants all bloom

In the morning I wake at dawn
With the early morning sun
Golden rays stream through the trees
Nature's beauty can't be outdone!
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