Monday, January 2, 2012

I Hate New Years Resolutions!

When followed the traditions of a New Year celebration I used to make New Years resolutions but I was never any good at managing to keep them.

Now I hate New Year's - when the clock strikes midnight I am usually in the land of nod.  Why everyone has a boozy party and makes their resolutions because it's the 'first day' of a new year it is just following the crowd.  Historically or culturally the date is not even significant.  If we held a celebration as in the past for the change from winter to spring when new life begins I could understand it.  What is our calendar but a man made time scale.  Wouldn't it make more sense to celebrate the seasons.  In our modern society we are disconnected from the earth and its natural order.

Who is going to change for the better just because of a resolution.  Anyone who wants to change could do so at any time.  We all have free will.  It is the rut we are in or the comfort zone that makes it easier not to bother.

For many new year is all about getting drunk and temporarily forgetting their worries. I am afraid I am one of the few sober people annoyed by the drunken declarations come midnight.

I would like to celebrate the possibility of new beginnings as a seasonal festival by being kind to myself and not thinking of past concerns.  A life without mistakes is a life without wisdom.  We can learn from the past and change but not through lists with resolutions.

Well at least Christmas was a peaceful and eventful celebration for us in Australia.  We can be thankful for many things that are good in this country.  So many around the world are not so lucky.

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