Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Child Abuse Inquiry - George Pell

Archbishop George Pell says he welcomes the Child Abuse Inquiry!  Bullshit! 

He says claims are exaggerated and the Catholic Church had been targeted and is not the main culprit.  He says he doesn't deny 'misdoings' in the Catholic Church but to it being exaggerated.

Cardinal Pell is Australia's most senior Catholic cleric.  

He said he did not believe the public was cynical about the church's moves to combat sexual abuse but thinks the press reports stating that the church is covering up is general smearing.

Of the many victims of childhood sexual abuse in the church, some have taken their own lives though nobody knows how many.  Many times, they were told that it was their own fault and that they deserved it.

It's well and truly overdue that a Royal Commission is held into the truth of this abuse!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

%$^#&*# Feral Pigs!

Blinkin' feral pigs have raided the garden just as the gingers and shade plants were looking their best and ready to come into bloom!  *$%^@(% feral's! With two miniature foxie's we haven't the canine resources to do much.  Diesel petrol apparently puts them off so has been sprayed around and we wait to see what happens!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Agony of Two Flat Tyres - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Yes I know anyone can get a flat tire but two flat tires at the same time, on the same vehicle, well that's enough to have a whinge about!
 Having first the rear tire blow and taking forever to remove the wheel to take to tire repair shop was bad enough - as the wheel on the disability scooter hadn't been removed since purchasing - never having had a puncture - yes so I know that is lucky - but the luck had run out!!  

So after trying out every spanner socket in the tool kits finally found one to fit then had to try to get the nut off.  Amidst much colourful language finally got the nut off only to find the wheel was stuck tight!  So the ol' WD40 came out and after a lot more cursing finally got the darn wheel off and to repair shop - that was the only good news as cost $18 (very reasonable) and done within 1/2 hour of arrival!  Great service!  

So that afternoon the front tire which must have had a slower leak was flat - %#$%%#^&*#*& - so same again except the nut on front tire had to be a different type and so search for correct spanner again and again wheel nut was so tight - WD40 and muscle power again until finally got it off and to the tire shop - again great service and repair.  

Finally all done and scooter operational again - so whinge over!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Party On Ants!

Why ants annoy me!  We have some large colonies of ants in the garden and they come in many colours and sizes - green, brown, orange, black and shades of all these, ranging from minute and hard to see through to giant with visible biting pincers!

They appear uninvited in our home and refuse to leave. Worse yet they are always inviting all their friends to the party that are often in the kitchen appliances causing electrical shorts. Crushing them would be the ultimate revenge but I am a live and let live type so . . . .  party on ants!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wind! Was Annoying Me! So Wrote A Positive Poem!

Ride the Wind!
Now I listen to whispers on a breeze
Hidden, sweet are the voices that call
To reach into my heart and lighten
All that I may ride the winds

The wind has a voice that calls
In the night in a sad and sweet song
Draws me along in a gust untamed
To travel the skyways and ache

For the time in mythical days
When the wind god Aeolus
Held the powers at bay to release
These wild forces of destruction

Or in gentle ways to calm the air
Softly caress the skin in passing
By and whisper once more the secrets
Of the ages so we may know

Understanding all at last we see
Dispersed the seeds of life and insects
On the air to renew the earth
After all had been destroyed

So tap the wind for power
And lifting cloth sail oceans
Elements earth wind and fire
Renewing  the barren earth

The wild gusts now gales and storms
Cyclones and typhoons as thunder
Brings the rain and life with water
Thirst is quenched dry soil alive

Listen with an open mind so you
Hear the secret whispered in your ear
Of how we may renew the mother
Her sweet breath waits

Carried by a winged bird a branch
Shivers in the dancing wind
Drops to earth and grows
A tree of plenty for all

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grumpy Old Lady!

I always thought I'd never became a grumpy old woman!  Now I know many friends wouldn’t argue with my being called just that!  Certainly not all the time but when triggered by something I would probably have ignored in younger days.

What is it about getting older that makes one - or me - less tolerant of all things I consider stupid or ignorant or just plain annoying!  When I was a 'young thing' as the 'oldies' called anyone under 40 I though 'what silly old b#$$*^'s!  I could never foresee myself as in the same condition once I passed 50 yet here I am.

Maybe it is simply a 'right of passage on the way to the grave'
Older but Any Wiser?

In our journey through life we need to remember - 'When you grow old and ugly / as some folks do / Remember you have a friend / Who's old and ugly too.'  The ancient riddle of the Sphinx asks what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening. The answer is man, who crawls on four legs as a baby, then walks on two until toward the end of his life, he may acquire a cane.  Or we see the four 'seasons' - youth emerging and blooming in spring, maturing in summer, mellowing through fall, then facing the vicissitudes of winter.

Our phases of life, infancy, childhood, school, courtship, marriage, work, retirement, old age and death create memories.  Life phases can be looked back on with enjoyment at the subtle rhythms that are a part of our lives.  Maybe whinging is, in fact, one of the things that elderly people do.  Maybe as older adults we review, and reminiscences and interpret past experiences and as we get a step closer to death these rituals help us establish a satisfying life story.

Many generations ago a family was a single  intertwined group with older adults living in the family home though they usually did not live as long as people do today.  Times have changed in many ways but human nature probably not so much!

I must say there is a certain pleasure in having a good old whinge about things!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giving Gold Coins

When working at various community not-for-profits asking for a 'gold coin' donation at the door to view displays that hard working volunteers have put together why are so many resentful!

Some simply walk away and say "I'll drop in later!" - they won't!

Some say "I am out of changes." - they aren't - when we offer to change their notes they quickly remember they need to be elsewhere.

A single gold coin of $1 or $2 is less than a cup of coffee so when you think of it that way why don't visitors seem to want to hand over one!

Come on people!  Support the local not-for-profits in the community!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Computer Hard Drive FAIL! Go Fishing!

Don't you just love it when the Laptop Hard Drive fails on the way back from holiday and you have to buy a new one and reinstall the many many programs that are your favorites - a good reason for cloud computing I think!  Google has the right idea!  Then again what if the data you store in the cloud is lost!  I don't know what the answer is but I know I want to keep my thousands of photos and creations safe!  Any ideas!

Well I'm going fishin'!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Should the Arts be Valued?

In remote communities economic, social, and cultural benefits of creativity involving local people seems to booste the economy.  Showcasing culture and heritage gives locals a positive experience of community.  Without local, state and national government funding programs and long-term investment that recognise excellence this growth in creativity will become stunted.

After less than two weeks in office, Queensland’s Liberal National Party government, headed by Campbell Newman, has cancelled the state’s Premier’s Literary Awards and put a halt to the Cairns Cultural Precinct.  It may be good to control government spending and return the budget to surplus but this is not the way.

Million in grants can fail the arts as who decides what is worthy of funding.  The costs of public liability insurance, lawyers, and licences to ensure regulatory requirements are met is beyond emerging artists.  So how can they share their art with the public. Usually they need an exhibition or public event and an audience. Usually volunteers provide support and work without compensation.

If the arts sector isn't valued by society then everything becomes about making a fast buck and leaves the imagination and creativity that have been responsible for mankind evolving out in the cold!

What do you think?

Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Poem Came True! Now I'm Whinging about the Rain!

Home In The Rain!

The rain on the roof is a tango
With a loud staccato beat
The smell of a ripening mango
In the summer monsoon heat

Through the rolling thunder clouds
Peeks the sunlights orange glow
The lightening blankets the sky
And the call of the curlew is low

Calls of creatures in the night
Like a lullaby sending me rest
Knowing I'm safe in my home
That this place is truly blessed

The rain pounds on the roof
In a humid nights dark gloom
Unobserved in the garden
The rainforest plants all bloom

In the morning I wake at dawn
With the early morning sun
Golden rays stream through the trees
Nature's beauty can't be outdone!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Hate New Years Resolutions!

When followed the traditions of a New Year celebration I used to make New Years resolutions but I was never any good at managing to keep them.

Now I hate New Year's - when the clock strikes midnight I am usually in the land of nod.  Why everyone has a boozy party and makes their resolutions because it's the 'first day' of a new year it is just following the crowd.  Historically or culturally the date is not even significant.  If we held a celebration as in the past for the change from winter to spring when new life begins I could understand it.  What is our calendar but a man made time scale.  Wouldn't it make more sense to celebrate the seasons.  In our modern society we are disconnected from the earth and its natural order.

Who is going to change for the better just because of a resolution.  Anyone who wants to change could do so at any time.  We all have free will.  It is the rut we are in or the comfort zone that makes it easier not to bother.

For many new year is all about getting drunk and temporarily forgetting their worries. I am afraid I am one of the few sober people annoyed by the drunken declarations come midnight.

I would like to celebrate the possibility of new beginnings as a seasonal festival by being kind to myself and not thinking of past concerns.  A life without mistakes is a life without wisdom.  We can learn from the past and change but not through lists with resolutions.

Well at least Christmas was a peaceful and eventful celebration for us in Australia.  We can be thankful for many things that are good in this country.  So many around the world are not so lucky.

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