Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Would Anyone Be An Artist?

After many failed attempts in the art room and by the end of the day having achieved very little I start to question 'why be an artist?'  Sometimes I have no idea what direction I want to take.

Having started the day with high hopes and a vision of what I'd like to see on the canvas. I experiment with a technique that I may have seen or read about.  Having no formal art training (unsure if this is a good or bad thing) I often become lost with the new approaches. I am sometimes so completely wrong that the results are less than promising. Testing and experimenting are all well and good but sometimes I wonder why I am bothering at all.  Frustrated, I feel like binning everything!

Then suddenly and somehow I will start doing something and step off into a 'zone' that is magical.  I see something new and exciting emerge on the canvas and am so absorbed in what I am doing that time has no meaning.  Then I know why I do this!

This portrait of my dad as a young man is such an experience.  It is only at stage one as I have placed the tonal areas and now I need to 'finish' the portrait yet I can see my dad and he is 'alive' to me in this.  I now hesitate to 'spoil' what I have captured.

Well only time will tell and I guess I need to be brave!
So managed to finish in time for exhibition - still very 'rough' but I like it this way!
Final Portrait in CSAS 2011 Exhibition

First stage - Dad's Portrait
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