Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Media Shame! Bullying Stories - Victimisation!

The current media sensation over recent school yard bullying involving two boys that was posted on You Tube has now lead to the boys being named and interviewed on two competing TV programs.  These so called news media programs showed no consideration for the potential harm such publicity could cause the boys. 

The so-called 'interviews' were stupid in the extreme with the 'reporter' asking leading questions and then suggesting answers to the boy.  Their handling of the bullying story is sensationalist and catering to an infotainment market and nothing to do with journalism or ethics. 

How is this supposed to help shed light on the very real problem of bullying in schools.  It is like glamorising the whole incident and could even make it popular to strike back which could lead to kids being victimised.

The school bullying policies don't seem to be altering the culture in schools all over Australia. The two boys have now being victimised by the media.  Shame on you!
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