Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week-ends Aren't Long Enough!

It’s Sunday night - obviously which means it's MONDAY tomorrow.  Oh, no!  The work week begins again and lasts five whole days.  Why oh why does time expand during the week and contract during the week-end.

Having has a lazy restful Saturday and caught up on all the blogs, forums, Facebook and You Tube etc etc today I am NOT ready for another week to begin.

Saturday had an easy dinner of take out fish and chips which was cooked perfectly and was local so very fresh!  This evening we had spag bol which was also easy and delicious.  Watched a James Bond movie on Saturday and tonight am watching Bones followed by Castke - who done its - as I do my internet catch ups.

Bed soon and then wake up to another Monday!  Then . . . . . .Bugger!
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