Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whinging Suspended! Queensland Flood Disaster Emergency!

11:30am Media Conference with Premier Anna Bligh Thursday Jan 13
The media coverage of the disasterous floods in Queensland and currently in Brisbane is surreal. It is on every channel. After a time I have to turn the radio and TV off. As I am unable to do anything other than donate money it is so hard to watch for long intervals. I feel so lucky to be in Cooktown which is free of this disaster and at the same time I feel for the people, some who would have been killed in an instant, being unable to escape the wall of water being called an inland tsunami, that rushed through Toowoomba and then down the range and the Lockyer Valley on Monday and Tuesday. A wall of water destroyed everything in its path and wiped away complete houses. Grantham, Tent Hill, Laidley, Murphy's Creek, Postman's Ridge and Forest Hill have also been ravaged. Black Hawk helicopters airlifted people to safety.
Premier Anna Bligh described the situation as "very grim and desperate". "Effectively what we've seen is a wall of water, in some places up to eight metres at a time, coming down (the Lockyer Valley)," she said.
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