Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australian Summers! HOT!

Oh sun of mine in the summer sky
You are so hot I think I'll die
What must I do to have respite 
What  will help me through the night Oh my god what must I do 
How can I cope It can't be true 
Many more months must I endure 
How will I cool down 
Who can ensure 
That the cooling breeze
Will be coming soon 
To cool the night 
Neath the waning moon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cooktown Raising Funds For The Queensland Flood Appeal

After seeing and experiencing the need to help that Queensland's in the Cooktown area have been expressing the Cooktown Lion's Club - Cooktown Chamber of Commerce & Tourism - Cook Shire Council and the People of Cooktown are joining in a fundraising response with donations and fund-raising events.  Many local businesses have already committed to donate portions of their income.

How can you help.  Go to the Cooktown Cares Blog or Cooktown Cares Twitter and find out!  Feel positive by joining in and sharing as we help together.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whinging Suspended! Queensland Flood Disaster Emergency!

11:30am Media Conference with Premier Anna Bligh Thursday Jan 13
The media coverage of the disasterous floods in Queensland and currently in Brisbane is surreal. It is on every channel. After a time I have to turn the radio and TV off. As I am unable to do anything other than donate money it is so hard to watch for long intervals. I feel so lucky to be in Cooktown which is free of this disaster and at the same time I feel for the people, some who would have been killed in an instant, being unable to escape the wall of water being called an inland tsunami, that rushed through Toowoomba and then down the range and the Lockyer Valley on Monday and Tuesday. A wall of water destroyed everything in its path and wiped away complete houses. Grantham, Tent Hill, Laidley, Murphy's Creek, Postman's Ridge and Forest Hill have also been ravaged. Black Hawk helicopters airlifted people to safety.
Premier Anna Bligh described the situation as "very grim and desperate". "Effectively what we've seen is a wall of water, in some places up to eight metres at a time, coming down (the Lockyer Valley)," she said.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The On-line Shopping Debate!

I sure save money by shopping online and would not be able to purchase what I do otherwise and this is apart from the difficulty of living in a very small north Queensland town with very limited retail possibilities and what arrives having freight costs added.

Though the internet shopping may be unfair to local retail I still try to shop locally and it is the extras I get on-line which I would not buy locally in any case.

An advertising campaign, launched by a group of Australian retailers that aims to convince the government to level the playing field against foreign websites that are offering tax-free goods seems a case of the giant retailers crying poor when they do everything they can to close down the smaller retailers and prevent competition so once the little business man shuts down they up their prices as they have a monopoly.  Isn't that exactly what the internet retailers are doing to them!  They can't have it both ways.

The ad reads: 'We agree with our customers that online retailing is a wonderful convenience that is here to stay.  We also agree that fair competition is good for our customers and we want to be able to offer them the same Australian tax exemptions that offshore retailers enjoy.''

At the moment, no GST is imposed on goods that are bought from international websites for less than $1000.  Wouldn't it make more sense to get rid of GST for small buisness in Australia so they can compete but not the larger retailers.  It's odd to hear Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman and Target all claiming they want a level playing field when with their buying power they have a big advantage over small retailers.

It is not only high prices that sends me to the internet to shop.  On-line there is a much greater range of goods and the service and backup seems better than some retailers in the 'real world'.  There is a lot to be said for service to the customer.  Also being able to shop any time is a great advantage.

So retailers need to get with the new way of shopping or be left behind!
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