Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chrismas Crazies!

Christmas. Yes we are doing it all again!
Christmas presents that nobody ever uses.  Spending up on credit for a lot of pointless crap!  Randomly buying things because it's Christmas.  Saying you are not wanting any presents and having family and friends totally disregard this and still insist on spending a large amount of money.

Being told you are being mean if you don't want to spend what is considered the proper amount!  I know I'm being a whinger but I hate to see all that money being wasted.  OK, if I'm being a fool I'd like to hear about it in the comments!

What about overwhelming kids with so many presents they can't take anything in then filling them with lollies and watching them bounce off the walls until they throw up! It could cause a psychotic break or at the least scar them for life.

I say stop the commercialisation of Christmas!  Get rid of the piped muzak and especially songs about snow and reindeer in Australia while we are melting in the heat.

Stop the theme gifts - movie and TV product launches to sell the toys of fantasy characters that have nothing to do with our culture or real life. Let the kids use their imagination to explore their surroundings.  Remember the days when a tin can and a bit of string let you 'phone a friend' but now its an iPhone with a Face book app!

Maybe having the downturn in the economy is a great thing in the long term as we will have to look at giving of our time and use our imaginations to entertain ourselves.  Get off-line and out of doors!

The holiday season and all its excesses see many buying rubbish they don’t need for someone they don’t know, sending cards to a list of people they never see and who don't really care what they are up to.  Some think it's great to include a newsletter of all their achievements, their kids achievements, their pets achievements and photos collages of everyone in Santa hats and endless snapshots of expensive holidays.  Please people save a tree and forget about us!

Do a good deed for this holiday season and stop forcing people to participate in this mindless drivel and don’t make them feel bad if they don’t.

Bah Humbug everybody! Oh yes and have a very very merry Christmas! (Yes we sent our 'contact once a year for Christmas people' this photo!  Yes we included a newsy newsletter! Wish I could follow my own advice!)
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