Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photobucket Should Be Called "PhotoF#ckIt." "There's A Hole In The Bucket"

I am absolutely furious at the fact that if I accidently delete the wrong photos from my Photobucket web albums there is no way to restore them.

Surely technology has the ability to create restore points or undelete features in programs or have a Recycle Bin - such as Windows has - or a deleted photo files folder on Photobucket.  Such a basic feature!!

Also the layout of 'All Albums' page view sucks!!

If you create subfolders in Photobucket the main folder states it is empty in All Albums view.  Somebody - OK I mean myself - could accidently delete an album which contains many subalbums and hundreds of photos.

YES I KNOW a warning pop up appears asking if you really want to delete etc but the warning is the same for deleting empty albums - it is not extra dramatic to say "listen fool do you know what you are doing deleting 1,266 photos from subfolders!!!!  DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!"  which would give you pause.

Even if Photobucket had a great warning and you then deleted the photos it still should be able to have them stored in a deleted photos folder so you can ^#(*@$^@*& change your mind!!  And when you have a Pro Account and are paying them to store your photos they should be more helpful.

When I emailed  them I got this useless reply:
"Dear XXX,
Unfortunately deleted media cannot be restored. Please note that if a folder states it is empty this means there are no images in this folder however any folder with images that are in this folder will be deleted as well. Please make absolutely sure you want all of this content deleted when you choose the delete.
Your Photobucket Support Team"

Attachment I emailed them to show how the Album containing full Subalbums showed as empty in All Albums View!
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