Friday, September 24, 2010

Bloody Grand Final Rugby Football Fever!!!

So it's Friday night and I prepare a tasty meal, turn on the television to catch up on the latest news headlines.  What news headlines!   

Bloody sport has taken over!  The latest football news.

The Grand Final qualifier match -  the Roosters against the Titans.  Football fever is everywhere except in my living room!

Thank the airwaves for the ABC!

Is footy really the most important bit of news in the world today!!

We Aussies - I must be a lonely standout - have an obsession with sports of all kinds.  Sports news, sports shows, four types of footy - AFL, Rugby (league and union) and Soccer. 

I don't have anything against sport on the whole as it is great to be active and keep fit and healthy and being in a team you learn how to cooperate in a group which is probably a good thing.

My whinge is the amount of time given to sports in the media.  It's even more annoying when the main item on the news is sport.  If they didn't do that I'd simply switch channels when the sports news came on.  Often more than one main news story is sports related or about a sportsperson and the drama of injury, bad misbehaviour in public, money paid by clubs, corruption, etc etc, ad nauseum.  Keep all that 'sports' stuff in the sports section of the news.

Well at least now I've had a whinge I can settle down.  I will do a channel surf to keep up with who wins the grand final qualifier because that's probably all anyone will be talking about tomorrow and I need to know who won and any major dramas of the match but meanwhile I'll be watching ABC and Waking the Dead - much more interesting!
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