Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chrismas Crazies!

Christmas. Yes we are doing it all again!
Christmas presents that nobody ever uses.  Spending up on credit for a lot of pointless crap!  Randomly buying things because it's Christmas.  Saying you are not wanting any presents and having family and friends totally disregard this and still insist on spending a large amount of money.

Being told you are being mean if you don't want to spend what is considered the proper amount!  I know I'm being a whinger but I hate to see all that money being wasted.  OK, if I'm being a fool I'd like to hear about it in the comments!

What about overwhelming kids with so many presents they can't take anything in then filling them with lollies and watching them bounce off the walls until they throw up! It could cause a psychotic break or at the least scar them for life.

I say stop the commercialisation of Christmas!  Get rid of the piped muzak and especially songs about snow and reindeer in Australia while we are melting in the heat.

Stop the theme gifts - movie and TV product launches to sell the toys of fantasy characters that have nothing to do with our culture or real life. Let the kids use their imagination to explore their surroundings.  Remember the days when a tin can and a bit of string let you 'phone a friend' but now its an iPhone with a Face book app!

Maybe having the downturn in the economy is a great thing in the long term as we will have to look at giving of our time and use our imaginations to entertain ourselves.  Get off-line and out of doors!

The holiday season and all its excesses see many buying rubbish they don’t need for someone they don’t know, sending cards to a list of people they never see and who don't really care what they are up to.  Some think it's great to include a newsletter of all their achievements, their kids achievements, their pets achievements and photos collages of everyone in Santa hats and endless snapshots of expensive holidays.  Please people save a tree and forget about us!

Do a good deed for this holiday season and stop forcing people to participate in this mindless drivel and don’t make them feel bad if they don’t.

Bah Humbug everybody! Oh yes and have a very very merry Christmas! (Yes we sent our 'contact once a year for Christmas people' this photo!  Yes we included a newsy newsletter! Wish I could follow my own advice!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bruce Highway Needs Work ASAP!

Bruce Highway Roadworks October 2010

As I drove from Cooktown to Brisbane and back in October / November I found that stretches of the Bruce Highway are more like a track than a major highway. 

It sure doesn't seem suitable for the heavy trucks that travel to meet deadlines.  I experienced many of the Truckee's traveling over the speed limit and frequently tail gating.  Gaps, potholes, eroded edges in places make driving a risky business.

From figures released in parliament the road toll for 2000 to 2008 on the sections being upgraded were 56 dead and 282 people admitted to hospital.  These details of the road casualties along the blackest of black spots make you wonder if the federal and state governments are doing everything they can to fast-track construction

Saturday, September 25, 2010

AFL Grand Final A Draw - What A FIZZER

WHAT!  Doin' it all Again Next Week!!!  The crows and the saints looked wiped out and had very flat moods when the Grand Final ended in a draw.  Now they have to wait a week to see who is the champion team.  WTF!  Why can't they just keep going until somebody geta a point and they'd be the winner!  STUPID rules.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bloody Grand Final Rugby Football Fever!!!

So it's Friday night and I prepare a tasty meal, turn on the television to catch up on the latest news headlines.  What news headlines!   

Bloody sport has taken over!  The latest football news.

The Grand Final qualifier match -  the Roosters against the Titans.  Football fever is everywhere except in my living room!

Thank the airwaves for the ABC!

Is footy really the most important bit of news in the world today!!

We Aussies - I must be a lonely standout - have an obsession with sports of all kinds.  Sports news, sports shows, four types of footy - AFL, Rugby (league and union) and Soccer. 

I don't have anything against sport on the whole as it is great to be active and keep fit and healthy and being in a team you learn how to cooperate in a group which is probably a good thing.

My whinge is the amount of time given to sports in the media.  It's even more annoying when the main item on the news is sport.  If they didn't do that I'd simply switch channels when the sports news came on.  Often more than one main news story is sports related or about a sportsperson and the drama of injury, bad misbehaviour in public, money paid by clubs, corruption, etc etc, ad nauseum.  Keep all that 'sports' stuff in the sports section of the news.

Well at least now I've had a whinge I can settle down.  I will do a channel surf to keep up with who wins the grand final qualifier because that's probably all anyone will be talking about tomorrow and I need to know who won and any major dramas of the match but meanwhile I'll be watching ABC and Waking the Dead - much more interesting!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photobucket Should Be Called "PhotoF#ckIt." "There's A Hole In The Bucket"

I am absolutely furious at the fact that if I accidently delete the wrong photos from my Photobucket web albums there is no way to restore them.

Surely technology has the ability to create restore points or undelete features in programs or have a Recycle Bin - such as Windows has - or a deleted photo files folder on Photobucket.  Such a basic feature!!

Also the layout of 'All Albums' page view sucks!!

If you create subfolders in Photobucket the main folder states it is empty in All Albums view.  Somebody - OK I mean myself - could accidently delete an album which contains many subalbums and hundreds of photos.

YES I KNOW a warning pop up appears asking if you really want to delete etc but the warning is the same for deleting empty albums - it is not extra dramatic to say "listen fool do you know what you are doing deleting 1,266 photos from subfolders!!!!  DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!"  which would give you pause.

Even if Photobucket had a great warning and you then deleted the photos it still should be able to have them stored in a deleted photos folder so you can ^#(*@$^@*& change your mind!!  And when you have a Pro Account and are paying them to store your photos they should be more helpful.

When I emailed  them I got this useless reply:
"Dear XXX,
Unfortunately deleted media cannot be restored. Please note that if a folder states it is empty this means there are no images in this folder however any folder with images that are in this folder will be deleted as well. Please make absolutely sure you want all of this content deleted when you choose the delete.
Your Photobucket Support Team"

Attachment I emailed them to show how the Album containing full Subalbums showed as empty in All Albums View!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rappin' Drivin' Me Insane!

All the pizzle and the drizzle echoes in my head
I can't get to sleep when I'm lying in my bed
Its the rap that is phasing
I don't find it amazin'

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

Its a drizzle or a pizzle
I don't get what that means
Break into a sweat
'cause it's a sure bet

The brothers rappin in the hood
Sure don't put me in the mood
All rappin' 'bout da Pooleece
Bout a booty or a great piece

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

Aint no romance, aint no talk of love
All about the quick flick or causin' some blood
It's a gang bang and car chase shootin by
Its a base dance aint no never askin why

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

The body bag is holdin' onto a brother
The little bros line up wanna take a colour
The blue lights are callin' for another mother
The undertaker got a box put you under cover

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

Drizzle and the pizzle are beatin' in my mind
I gunna go crazy 'cause the rappin' ain't so kind
When the rapper gunna do a lovin' rap
Maybe he do that he gunna be capped

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

Get this sound and beat outta my mind
If I can't forget it I'm gunna go blind
I'd rather go deaf so I don't hear the sound
Oh that rappin' - ahwww it sure do pound

The sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind

All the pizzle and the drizzle echoes in my head
I can't get to sleep when I'm lying in my bed
Its the rap that is phasing - I don't find it amazin'
Cause the sounds and the rhymes
Are repeatin' in my mind


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Global Warming! What the Fudge!

World weather is awful! If it’s not drizzly and overcast it’s hot and humid so that you drip all over the place. If it's not hot it's freezing or we're in a drought, then a flood, bush fires, tsunamis, melting ice caps - that darn global warming. Bloody temperatures, humidity, and rainfall random and unpredictable. It is all our fault and the earth has hit the payback button. What can we do? Evacuate the earth. Plan now! Then again we are most likely buggered anyhow.

My First Whinge - Australian Election 2010

All is confusion in the halls of power, for who will we turn to when it all goes sour!
Politics!!  The Aussie federal election - what a dog's breakfast!  We still don't have a government.  Every one is sucking up to the independents.  Neither Gillard nor Abbott gained an outright majority in the election, meaning one side must win support from the independents.  Now both sides are making promises and probably won't follow through on any of them.
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